Newsletter March 2019

Old Godhelmian Association Newsletter (1)
March 2019

Dear Old Godhelmian,

It’s a full year now since the previous committee decided to step back from running the OGA, and much has happened since then. A group of us came together and have really enjoyed collaborating to pick up the reins to see how it could be taken forward. We have had many exchanges, donations and letters from you, and it has been very gratifying to receive so much support. Thank you for that.

As you know, we are volunteers who have been working on aspects of the OGA to keep it afloat. We have fallen into particular roles because of previous experience, but we have not been elected.

We have a few questions for you:

1. Are you happy with the current set up of a voluntary, non-elected committee?

2. Would you like to volunteer to join us? If so, do you have any particular relevant skills?

3. Do you have any suggestions for improvements we could make?

This newsletter is to update you on what has been done and the situation generally.

• Three databases [the original OGA list from the late Mike Brayshaw and two reunion lists] were combined to form a mailing list.
• Nearly 800 people were contacted by Eleanor Andrews, mostly by email, but also by post to addresses in the UK and abroad. We specifically asked for permission to retain their details in compliance with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) regime.
• To date (March 2019) 327 people have confirmed their membership of the OGA, and 48 have requested to be deleted from the database.
• The list of OGs who have died has been updated.
• Hazel Freeston and Judy Stoker, who were involved with the former OGA committee, have been very helpful supplying details of past pupils.
• This leaves nearly 500 ex-pupils who are not accounted for, either because the email or postal address was incorrect or because they simply did not reply to the first callout in November and the second one in January, or because we do not have any contact details for them.


• The bank account administration has been transferred over from the previous OGA committee to four current committee members (Caroline Brooks, Shirley Coleman, Marta Riddle and Mary Pugh).
• Members were asked for a voluntary contribution of £10 to increase the very meagre funds.
• These donations are required:
o to facilitate posting letters where necessary as we are very keen to accommodate OGA members who may not be able or want to be online
o for our proposed vital revamp of the OGA website
o for the upkeep of the website
• Many members have contributed to the funds, some very generously, and currently we hold approx. £1000 in the account to pay for the costs mentioned above.
• Once the OGA is re-established we will circulate annual accounts.

Website and Archive

• After quite a few difficulties, the original website ( has been retrieved, thanks to Mary Pugh, with advice from Steve Teague and the professional IT services of Richard Hindle, Sue Hindle’s son.
• Although there was a good deal of interesting material on the original site, we are now in the process of refreshing the look and contents for a relaunch later this year.
• Marta Riddle, David Hayes and Hazel Freeston have done several promising investigations into archive material in Godalming Museum and Godalming College. We are, however, missing several sports team photos. If you could help us in this area that would be wonderful.

Social Media

• Currently there are three Facebook pages for ex-pupils of Godalming Grammar School:
o GGS School Reunion 2017 (a closed group set up for that specific purpose)
o Godalming Grammar School Reunion (a public group set up for a specific reunion)
o Godalming Grammar School (a closed general group)
• Godalming College has a Facebook page.
• There is another interesting Facebook page for Godalming Town Past & Present.
• Twitter – @Godalming Grammar School, @ Godalming College
• Instagram – Godalming College
• Please let us know about any other useful sites.

All good wishes from the committee:

Eleanor Andrews (née Whitcombe) – Secretary Susan Hindle (née Potts)
Caroline Brooks (née Bailey) – Treasurer Mary Pugh (née Pout) – IT Co-ordinator
Shirley Coleman – President Marta Riddle (née Grabiec)
Hazel Freeston (née White) Judy Stoker (née Bennett)
David Hayes Steve Teague

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