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4/1/2018: Sadly David "Alfie" ASH has passed away at the age of 83 on December 27th 2017. Only a few months after moving into a care home. His wife Rosemary died in 2012. They are succedded by their children Rebecca, Gabrielle, Mathew & Pam. His funeral takes place Guildford Crematorium followed by a thanksgiving service at Guildford Baptist Church.

                                  David Alfie ASH

6/2/2017: Jill Halliwell(nee Knights) recently emailed about a picture she recently found in her late mothers effects and shown below:

Silver Jubilee


14/5/2014: A news arcticle fearuring a former head girl who recently visited Godalming College to give students their a history leason.

OGA Boxall


10/4/2012: The newletter for April 2012 is now ready to view.

Newsletter April 2012


10/4/2012: The newletter for April 2012 is now ready to view.

Trees at Godalming College


18/4/2010: The newletter for April 2010 is now ready to view.

Newsletter April 2010


9/1/2008: The newletter for January 2008 is now ready to view.

Newsletter January  2008


10/4/2007: The article for an update for the 60 Years Reuion is now ready to view.

60 Years Reunion Update October 2007


21/6/2007: An update from David Muscott is avalible to view.

Update from David Muscott

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CLASS OF 1945 - 1950 / 52

At the 2000 reunion, several of us from the above years met up. A few had been attending reunions for several years, but one or two were "first-timers" for various reasons.
From this time, many of us thought we would like to meet more regularly, so a six monthly lunch was arranged for several years. Unfortunately, we lost five classmates within eighteen months, so now 10-12 of us meet roughly every couple of months for lunch at various venues in the Godalming area.
Conversation is always lively -- and rather noisy -- we just enjoy seeing each-other. Families are discussed, current aches & pains are compared, and latest medical diagnoses shared...    Well, after all, we are all septugenarians!  The picture, taken at a recent lunch in Milford.  If any other 'class-mates', mainly the B stream, would like to join us, contact can be made through Peter Fuller ( phone 01932-885042."

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