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3/9/2018: Sadly Mark Harby passed away recently. He was a former teacher of French and Vice Principal from 1981 – 90.  He taught many of those who were in the final (1973) intake to the Grammar School and no doubt many before that. The funeral will be on Wed 12 September at 12.00 noon at Guildford Crematorium, followed by  a “Happy Party” at Cranleigh Arts Centre.


18/8/2018: Very sorry to report that sadly Mike Brayshaw has passed away. He died peacefully at his home on the 15th of August. His wife Heather wishes to pass on her thanks for the support and kind words that the family have received. For those wishing to donate please send any donations to either Cancer Research UK or Diabetes UK.



4/1/2018: Sadly David "Alfie" ASH has passed away at the age of 83 on December 27th 2017. Only a few months after moving into a care home. His wife Rosemary died in 2012. They are succedded by their children Rebecca, Gabrielle, Mathew & Pam. His funeral takes place Guildford Crematorium followed by a thanksgiving service at Guildford Baptist Church.

                                  David Alfie ASH

6/2/2017: Jill Halliwell(nee Knights) recently emailed about a picture she recently found in her late mothers effects and shown below:

Silver Jubilee


14/5/2014: A news arcticle fearuring a former head girl who recently visited Godalming College to give students their a history leason.

OGA Boxall


10/4/2012: The newletter for April 2012 is now ready to view.

Newsletter April 2012


10/4/2012: The newletter for April 2012 is now ready to view.

Trees at Godalming College


18/4/2010: The newletter for April 2010 is now ready to view.

Newsletter April 2010


9/1/2008: The newletter for January 2008 is now ready to view.

Newsletter January  2008


10/4/2007: The article for an update for the 60 Years Reuion is now ready to view.

60 Years Reunion Update October 2007


21/6/2007: An update from David Muscott is avalible to view.

Update from David Muscott

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CLASS OF 1945 - 1950 / 52

At the 2000 reunion, several of us from the above years met up. A few had been attending reunions for several years, but one or two were "first-timers" for various reasons.
From this time, many of us thought we would like to meet more regularly, so a six monthly lunch was arranged for several years. Unfortunately, we lost five classmates within eighteen months, so now 10-12 of us meet roughly every couple of months for lunch at various venues in the Godalming area.
Conversation is always lively -- and rather noisy -- we just enjoy seeing each-other. Families are discussed, current aches & pains are compared, and latest medical diagnoses shared...    Well, after all, we are all septugenarians!  The picture, taken at a recent lunch in Milford.  If any other 'class-mates', mainly the B stream, would like to join us, contact can be made through Peter Fuller ( phone 01932-885042."

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