Votes of thanks for the 2020 Virtual Reunion

Votes of thanks for GGS Virtual 90th– Anniversary Reunion

17th October 2020 via Zoom

 Thank you all for an immensely enjoyable afternoon.  I know what hard work it is for everything to run smoothly and really appreciate it.

Best wishes Margaret Langford-Wood

Thanks very much! I am very glad I joined the call.

Peter Whittingstall

My sincerest congratulations and thanks to all of you who worked so hard to put this wonderful event together.

It seems sad that many of those who took part today will not be able to be there in person next year. I did agree with Audrey when she suggested that it would be a good idea if a short part of the day next year could be devoted to a Zoom session for people who cannot travel. We did do it a few years ago when Kay organised the reunion and it worked really well then but Zoom makes it far easier.

Another idea crossed my mind as well. Many of us come from quite a distance but it occurred to me that perhaps it could be arranged that those who have to stay in an hotel could all stay in the same hotel. I don’t have to as my son lives not far from the school but I would really enjoy staying the night before in an hotel with a group of OG’s and having dinner together. We all got on so well today, no matter what age we were, and we mingled far better than during a normal reunion.

So, a weekend instead of just a day would be something very special to look forward to.

Just an idea

Take care, stay safe and thank you again.

Joan Palmer

Although I was a silent observer at today’s OGA virtual reunion I really enjoyed it.I managed to tune in with my limited computer skills. It was so well put together . Thank you for your help.

Best wishes

Pam Todd (nee Smith) 1953 -1958)


Thank you Shirley and all concerned  so much for this 90th Celebration of Godalming Grammar School/ College. So much hard work has gone into this and it was lovely to talk with other OG’s in the break- out sessions.

A very moving afternoon of memories and sharing. Many thanks

Alwyne Taylor

Well, what a fantastic reunion! Thank you all so much for  your hard work, it is difficult to put into words the overwhelming joy and emotion evoked by the memories of such a gathering of OGAs. The performances were delightful and poignant in many ways, bringing to mind events and personalities long forgotten. How amazing to hear from Tasmania (loud and clear) one of our members from Chiddingfold who remembers my friend Una Berrow (nee Howard); I shall ring Una this evening! I’ll also write down as much as I can remember of school life during the years 1938 to 1943. Keep well both of you.

With best wishes


Jo Collett

Many thanks to you and the rest of the team from Tim and myself for organising this afternoons event. We were slightly apprehensive about the chat rooms before the event, and our fears were well founded when we found ourselves the youngest two in our group and knowing none of the others. The other five in the same group fell naturally into two groups that knew each other, but we soon all got talking together and comparing life at GGS and teacher’s names from our respective times at school, when we realised that even though we did not overlap ourselves a number of staff members that we knew did. And we never knew until today that until the early 60’s the year groups were streamed into X, A, B and C classes. Paul Ellison mentioned the copy of the Hymn Book that we used, and I still have mine in a sitting room drawer, from where it is often brought out at Christmas so that I can sing carols, originally with our children, but latterly with our grandchildren. It has weathered the intervening years somewhat better than I have!

Best wishes,

Alison and Tim Wilcock

A big thank you to you and your committee for all the hard work you have put in to make the reunion such a success!! It was so nice to have an international flavour too!!

Thank you.

Best wishes from Carol Graves

Congratulations. What a great success! Look forward to next time.

All best wishes,

Paul Ellison


Many thanks to you and the team for organising today’s reunion on zoom.   I had to rush off unfortunately (during the break out groups) and couldn’t stay to the end.
But I was so pleased to be able to join you, nice to see GGS again and hear so many interesting tales.
Thank you again and well done all.
Lynne Tythely
(Hammond 1964-71)

That was wonderful – thank you so much.

Sorry that a real tiredness hit me at 2.45 am (my time) and I was instantly asleep soon afterwards.


David Meadows

And thank you so much to you and the rest of the committee for a fantastic reunion yesterday!  It worked so well, especially in view of the numbers attending, and the programme was varied and interesting.  Although break out rooms with those we knew would have been nice, it was good to chat with those from other years and decades, which probably wouldn’t have happened so much had it taken place in person.  I was able to use the online chat to speak with the sister of someone who was in my class and with the daughter of someone my Mum knows, so they were nice connections to make too.

Thank you again, and here’s to next year!

Marian Muskett

I really enjoyed the event. It was very well organised and put together- a varied and interesting programme. I thought your piece went well Chris.

Well done, a triumph. Music, memories, diaries, history, photos. It felt very inclusive too- wish I had heard the 90-year-old and her memories of evacuees- I just caught a bit of it.

Ann Eatwell

Thank you so much to you and the rest of the Committee for the very well organized Zoom Reunion.  It made me realise I wish I had managed to get to the previous real-life ones.

It was so interesting hearing people’s stories, especially in the event and also in the break-outs (though we only heard the stories from the groups we were in).  It made me wonder if it would be possible to put a strand on the website for these and other stories, maybe under the title of “Memories”?  I do remember years ago when Friends Reunited was functioning that there was this facility in The Godalming Grammar School section and I did enjoy reading the stories.  Perhaps the Committee could consider it as it’s a long wait between reunions?

I am interested in the staff list that Jane Jopson is compiling.  I only got a glimpse of Dad’s entry, but think it might not do him justice in the other subjects he taught, besides Geography.  Perhaps Jane could include that he taught Heraldry and coached Rugby in the 40s & 50s then taught Calligraphy and “O” level Surveying in the 60s as well as producing and directing most of the drama productions throughout his time at the school.

Once again, very many thanks for such a thought provoking event.

Deborah Domun

I would like to thank and congratulate you for arranging the 90th Anniversary of Godalming Grammar School on line. I was very successful. I enjoyed the variety of memories presented by different people and the virtual tour of the school. I must confess to being quite misty eyed while listening to some of the music played on the organ and pictures taken from the O.G. Website. I too had walked past the War Memorial for seven years and never peeped inside! The memories of teaching staff who not only were talented teachers but seemed to support each other. It was a little community. We were privileged to attend.

I was also pleased to meet again some of the friends made during my time at school. One big plus to having an on line reunion was the number of O.G.s who are now living in far off countries who were able to attend. I loved the fact that people  living in California, NewZealand and France were included and able to contribute.

Please give my heartfelt thanks to all who contributed to this most successful event and I look forward to meeting you all ( all being well) next year for a face to face reunion.

Linda ( Dixon, nee Parker, 1958- 1965).

Congratulations and sincere thanks to you and all of your team for the brilliant organising of the meeting and all of its content. It was truly worldwide with some of the contributors joining in from all around the globe. I am treasurer of Woking’s Twinning Association and I know how important it is to maintain contact with old friends overseas as well as those in the UK.
One can only hope that 2021 would allow an actual get together-fingers crossed!! but yesterday was almost as good.
I look forward to seeing the recoding and any associated papers in due course.
Thanks again and best wishes,
Chris Sansom

A most enjoyable session on Saturday. Thanks so much.

Best Wishes.

Ron Mayers

Thank you very much to you and all involved with the organisation of a wonderful event yesterday. It was so varied and enjoyable – the afternoon just flew by!

I really appreciate all of the hard work that went into creating this ‘virtual’ reunion, enabling so many of us to reconnect with people and of course with the building too!

I wish you well and hope to see you in person next October.

Stay safe in these times!

Wendy Smith

I thought it worked really well, and the random breakouts were very successful, I spoke to lovely people I probably wouldn’t have met in an actual reunion. It has renewed my faith in nostalgia.

Penny Murray (Ridgers)

Please could you convey my congratulations to all of the O.G committee for the very successful video reunion. It must have been difficult to set up . It was nice to be able to put faces to  E mails. My only regret  was that there were not more of my era available and even some of those that were listed as joining did not appear.

Wally Brown

A big thank you to yourself and all others who made reunion such a success. I found it interesting and enjoyable and the meeting in rooms seemed to go well with mixed ages and thus mixed years of attending the old school.

Hopefully next year we can meet up but it feels good to have been present this year.

Until next year keep well see you then

Sylvia Gumbrell

What a wonderful afternoon we had on Saturday seeing all the school faces and hearing the various talks and music.

I particularly enjoyed the virtual school tour with its carpets.

There was no tree in front of the school and we always ate in the assembly hall with its wall bars in the 1946-51 days.

Obviously a lot of hard work went into the preparation and  I would like to thank everyone involved.

Allan (Joe) Stow

Despite my initial worries about my competence in participating, finally everything went off nicely and I thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon of October 17th 2020 visiting our old school (thanks to Marian’s film) and sharing in the different interventions led by Sue Hindle.

I would be grateful if you, Eleanor, would pass on my thanks to your team for all the work they put in organising the event, which was indeed a magnificent afternoon for all who joined in, often from far distant places.

Let’s all keep our fingers crossed, hoping that the Covid19 virus will have vanished before October 2021 so that we can meet up in person instead of just virtually.

Ken Birbeck

A very belated but BIG thank you for the zoom reunion you all organised on 17th October – it really was very good and so interesting with different aspects of school and personal lives – tweaking our memories. We especially loved Paul Ellison’s organ from San Francisco – very enjoyable and again brought back great memories of school assemblies and speech days!

I was only sorry that no one from my year was discernible but there were several from Brian’s year and several folk we both knew so that was good and of course always good to meet up with folk we hadn’t known before – as we did at the reunion last time. You have a great batch of folk who were all about the similar era as most of you on the committee. Look forward to seeing the report and photo on line sometime!!

Anyway – thanks again for all your hard work putting that together – it was quite a herculean task I’m sure.

Very best wishes – and looking forward to next year!!

Brian and Pat Oxborough

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