Gerald Sexton

Time spent at school: 1948 - 1956

Date passed away: 9 November 2009

Gerald Sexton

A few school memories of Gerald from some 6th form colleagues.

He was an interesting and amusing chap, always ready with a practical joke or some funny antic, but never malicious just always smiling and cheerful, a “make you feel better” type of personality.

He seemed a very civilised person, helpful and courteous to all.

He was a skilled and humorous member of the Debating Society at school, and many of us have fond memories of him making us all laugh on the 1954 trip to Italy and on other school trips. He was good company.

Haslemere pupils remember him as one of a large number of Godalming students who rang bells at the parish church there.  

Hazel, Peter, Audrey and John