Brian Johnston

Time spent at school: 1952 - 1957

Date passed away: 23rd Of May 2002

Brian Johnston

The following was submitted by David Muscotts.

 He played second eleven football as did I. I don’t recall what O levels he took.  After he left school he worked for a chartered accountant in Woking but left after a few years to join his Father’s business. This business  had two main trading titles. Guildford Autos and Premier Supplies.Both businesses were started by his Father,Dan in the early 1950s. The Guildford Autos dealt more locally I believe but Premier Supplies remanufactured car and lorry parts,mainly clutches and brake pads which were sold nationwide.  At one time they were the second biggest employers in Guildford. Later they expanded by buying up smaller businesses in the Midlands before turning to the growing market in Singapore .  Brian made many trips out there. I was told that they were major rivals to Brown Brothers who were the largest motor suppliers of many transport items that had been reconditioned. The business continues today under his younger brother,Alan. 

We became close friends actually after leaving school in 1957 and he was my best man in 1964. Brian married Maureen Bisbey (possibly Bisby) in 1965 and they had three daughters. Their first home was in Hawthorn Way,Burpham and about 1975 purchased ‘Crubie’ in Nightingale Road,Guildford. This was a large and very fine house which has since been altered and now belongs to the Guildford High School.