Newsletter February 2021

Old Godhelmian Association Newsletter (11)

February 2021

Dear Old Godhelmian,

We hope you are keeping well in these difficult times and that by now many of you have had the anti-Covid vaccine.  This newsletter not only tells you some of the things we are hoping to do this year, but also asks you to respond to some questions.[*]


We would like to know what you consider are the most valuable aspects of the OGA to you.  Is there anything you would like to do that hasn’t yet been done? *

 Provisional Plans for Reunion 2021

This is booked to take place at Godalming College on 9th October, probably 11.00 to 4.30 followed by an additional get-together at 7.00 to 11.00 at the Inn on the Lake.

Here is a suggested structure for the day:

11.00 to 12.00 – meet at Godalming College – general mixing and chatting, perhaps looking at exhibits, perhaps having a tour around the buildings.

12.00 to 2.00 – lunch – a buffet with a hot main course, salads and desserts – provided by the College caterers who did an excellent job in 2017 – served in the College canteen. Bring your own drinks. Cost will be announced later as will methods of payment.

Tea, coffee and biscuits/pastries supplied all day (included in the cost).

2.00 to 4.00 – further tours of the college, photo call, speeches, home-made cake if required.

A memory board/ memory book/ memory tree – where people can leave their memories of being at the school. So, for example sounds, smells, food, classrooms, friendships – how it felt to be there – any format including prose (up to 500 words), artwork, a poem, a song, a formula, etc. In addition, rather than just being a memory of the school, the contributions could be anything from our lives past, present or future. The contributions can showcase our alumni diversity, talents and experience, for example, if someone has travelled, or been a carpenter or swum the channel – stories of personal achievement or endeavour.

Good quality group photos.

An exhibition of memorabilia.

2.00 to 4.00 Zoom Room – an opportunity for Zoom calls to people living far away or overseas or those unable to make the journey to Godalming – they could book a short slot and their friends could assemble in a classroom for the duration of that slot or, if away from Godalming themselves, come online for a brief chat. Depending on interest, it could last for a couple of hours, divided into 5- or 10-minute slots.

4.30 end of session at Godalming College.

7.00 to 11.00 – social evening at the Inn on the Lake with drinks, snacks and meals ordered and paid for by the OGs themselves.

Zoom/Skype Groups

If you have set up a group with your fellow OGs using Zoom, Skype or another communication channel and would like to open it up to others, please let us know so that we can spread the word. If, on the other hand, you would like to set up a group, let us know that as well. *               


For a variety of reasons, including authentication of our bank account, we have decided to create a constitution for the OGA.  It will be quite simple, with flexibility built into it. In due course, it will be available on the website and also on demand, if individual members wish to read it. Please bear with us as we complete this task.


At the most recent committee meeting it was suggested that we might produce a book about the County Grammar School Godalming – its history, its architecture, its pupils and their lives and experiences, its staff, the connections with the Arts and Sciences, music and sport, with plenty of photos.  The idea would be to self-publish and to sell the book locally, to raise funds for the OGA. It is all still in the very early stages of planning, and we are working on the structure and parameters of the work, but we would very much like to hear your opinion about this idea and what you might possibly like to contribute. *


Quite a number of 2020 Reunion memories are now on the OGA website and there will, hopefully, be more to come. The virtual tour of Godalming College is now on the OGA website [].


  • To date (February 2021) 414 people have confirmed their membership of the OGA and 100 people have registered on the Website.
  • Please register on the website ( in order to access the full range of information and photographs.

Essential Information


  • We would like to thank you for the kind donations which have been made so far.
  • You can now make donations through the website ( using the secure Stripe system. Just follow the instructions on the screen.
  • If you prefer to send your donation electronically or by cheque please contact: Caroline Brooks, (



  • The website ( has been updated by Richard Hindle with support from Mary Pugh and is now live.
  • Archive material (photographs, obituaries, history, etc.) from the original website has mostly been retained.
  • We are adding more material all the time.



  • We would be grateful for GGS images, in high definition. Until further notice, please send in digital form to Eleanor (

 Social Media

  • Currently there are three Facebook pages for ex-pupils of Godalming Grammar School:
    • GGS School Reunion 2017 (a closed group set up for that specific purpose)
    • Godalming Grammar School Reunion (a public group set up for a specific reunion)
    • Godalming Grammar School (a closed general group)
  • Godalming College has a Facebook page.
  • There is another interesting Facebook page for Godalming Town Past & Present.
  • Twitter – @Godalming Grammar School, @ Godalming College
  • Instagram – Godalming College


Eleanor Andrews (née Whitcombe) – Secretary

Caroline Brooks (née Bailey) – Treasurer

Shirley Coleman – President

Annette Ettorre (née Pickford)

Hazel Freeston (née White)

David Hayes

65 – 72


66 – 71

65 – 72

65 – 72

47 – 54

66 – 71

Susan Hindle (née Potts)

Jane Jopson (née Harris)

Mary Pugh (née Pout)

Marta Riddle (née Grabiec)

Judy Stoker (née Bennett)

Steve Teague

65 – 72

67 – 74

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55 – 62

70 – 77


[*] Reply to or to E. Andrews, 8 Church Street, Bridgnorth, Shropshire WV16 4EQ.

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