Adrian Marden
Bio: Last intake, 1973. Now retired
Alan David Monger
Bio: At GGS1959-66. Exeter Uni1966-69, BA in Government and Political History. Swansea Uni 1969-70 PGCE. Taught History in Plymouth 1970-2008.
Alasdair Wilson
Bio: Moved to Godalming in 1968 and joined the school in the 4th form. Introduced to orienteering which I still do. University of Newcastle for maths and physics and later a PhD studentship at Edinburgh before moving to Newcastle upon Tyne in 1980 where I have lived ever since. Now a grandparent and active in the community.
Alison Dell
Bio: I attended GGS 1970-77, studied English & American Literature at UEA, qualified as a solicitor and now live in Somerset. I have 3 grown up daughters.
Alison Dell
Alison Wilcock
Bio: Attended GGS 1966-1973 as Alison Feeney. Married fellow student Tim Wilcock (also 1966-1973) in 1977. Have lived in Farnham since 1986, where we raised our two sons and two daughters, and now have three grandchildren nearby.
Allan Stow
Bio: at school 1946-1951
Amanda Clements
Bio: Part of the last Godalming Grammar School intake from 1973 - 1980 Lived at the bottom of the School Drive in the Police House on Tuesley Lane. Retired but doing Voluntary Work for the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. Living In Guildford
Andrew Webb
Bio: GGS 1966-1973, University of Kent, SOAS London, Secretary & Chief Legal Officer London School of Economics & Political Science, retired 2017. MBE 2017
Andrews Webb
Bio: 1966-1973 Fearon. Deputy Head Boy University of Kent 73-76 BA History Class 1 SOAS London 77-80 MA Area Studies (S Asia) PhD ( not completed- The Indian career of Sir Charles Trevelyan 1826-65, s study of principle and practice in the career of an evangelical civil servant University of Leeds, Admin Officer 1980-82 London Borough of Enfield secretariat. 1982-85 London School of Economics 1985-2017 - wide range of roles ending as College Secretary MBE awarded 2017. Various voluntary activities in the local community since retirement Married Sonia 1981, 2 children Joshua (1992), Alice (1994), 2 grandchildren to date Isaac (2018), Erin (2022) Living in South Cambridgeshire since 1997.
Angela Hooper
Bio: my name in Angela Hooper nee Brand. I was a pupil at Godalm ing Grammar School between 1945/6 until 1950/51. Sorry to be rather vague, in spite of Pa Jones's efforts, numbers have always been a problem for me. I am now 84 years old, recently widowed. I did attend two brief get- togethers a few years ago at the Red Lion at Milford. I now live in The New Forest area and would be interested to hear from any members who may have attended at the same time as me.
Ann Thoresby
Ann Thoresby Parker
Annette Ettorre Pickford
anthony reeves
Bio: Attended 1951 to 1956 ( 2nd year to Final year 6th Form) Married Pat Hall in the year above in 1958
Anthony Risby
Bio: Attended School from September 1954 until March 1960
Arthur Durrant
Bio: 1959-66
Audrey Callis
Bio: Godalming Grammar School 1947-1954. Teaching/Youth Work/Public Administration. Spent 18 years living on Sark in the Channel Islands. Returned to England 1994. Living in Devon ever since then.
Audrey Harris
Bio: 1947-1955 Head Girl 1954-55
Barry Holland
Bio: At GGS 1957 to 1965
Barry Lea
Bio: Attended Godalming Grammar School from 1966 to 1970. 6th form entry to gain extra O Levels and then A Levels. Cannot remember everything but I know that I played rugby for the school, did orienteering, and member of Folk Club and Debating society. Then went to Loughborough University to read Industrial engineering & Management.
Brenda Bond
Bio: Brenda Bond ( Searles)
Brian Bullen
Brian Bullen
Bio: Attended 1962 - 1969, Cross Country Captain 68-69.
Brian Page
Bio: Lived in Nursery Road, Farncombe Student at GCGS from 1954-61 Worked in missile research, oceanography, computing and management.
Bridget Elton
Bryan Tucker
Candida Boxer
Bio: 1965-1972
Caroline Brooks
Bio: 1966-71 at Godalming County Grammar School.
Caroline Mead
Bio: Attended Godalming Grammar 1973-1976
Caroline Parish
Caroline Proctor
Bio: Attend Godalming Grammar School from 1972-77. Head girl of Godalming College 1978-79.
Carolyn Scott
Bio: Nee Armstrong I attended GGS from ‘68 to ‘75
Catherine Cox
Bio: Attende Godalming Grammar/ College between 1970 and 1977. I went on eto read law at Exeter university , qualified as. Asolicitor in 1984 and have been in practice ever since
Bio: GGS 1973-1975 GC 1975-1977
Chris Winter
Bio: Attended Godalming Grammar 1963-1969. Succesful career in IT retiring from IBM as an IBM Fellow. Following a short sabbatical I worked as an independent IT Consultant for 10 year. the of those years I was a Royal Academy of Engineering Visting Professor at the University of Plymouth. Married with two children.
Chrissie Pickett
Christine Holdsworth
Bio: Was at GGS from late 1967 - 1972 (after relocating to Surrey from Lancashire). Studied Law at Sheffield University then at the College of Law in Guildford for the Law Society professional exams. Became a Partner in a Manchester firm of solicitors where I remained until retirement.
David Duke
Bio: 1960 to 1967. U15, 2ndXI and 1st XI football. [email protected]
David Hale
David Horsman
Bio: 1959-1966 MB BS 1971 Royal Free Hospital School of Medicine GP in Swansea 1975 to 2007 [email protected]
David Meadows
Bio: School years 1949-1956 Head Boy, Trinity College, Cambridge Married Jennifer 1965, Three children. Now lives in Tasmania
David Nightingale
Bio: Attended Godalming Grammar School from September 1953 to December 1957, and then went on to Guildford Technical College for 7 years (2 1/2 years full-time and the rest part-time) to qualify as a Building Surveyor. After working in Farncombe, Guildford and Woking getting experience in various building environments I went to work for a Civil Engineer in Berkshire contracting to the gas and water industries. I then met my wife (Golden Wedding 2019) and for 10 years we worked as missionaries in West Africa. We now have 3 children who were mostly educated in Bedford where we now live, and we now have 5 grandchildren. I have been retired since 2006, but still very active in our local parish church, and I work 2 days each week delivering leased cars to company employees. Happy to hear from any contemporaries.
David Street
Bio: 1953-61. Joint deputy head boy 1960/1. Career civil servant in MoD, retiring in 2002. Married to Chris with 3 sons and 3 grandchildren. Living in Swanmore Hampshire for the last 36 years.
David Tansley
Bio: Student from 1956-1961
David Warner
Deborah Domun
Bio: I was at Godalming Grammar from 1962-9. My father, Ward Needham, was head of geography from 1948-68
Derek Pooley
Bio: Attended Sir Walter St.Johns school, Battersea 1968-72 and interested in the evacuation during WW11 to Godalming, hope this is not such a loose the school.
Diana Taylor
Bio: Diana Watt….Attended Godalming Grammar School 1959-1965
Diane Titus
Bio: Attended GGS from 1966 to 1971 as Diane Daniels
Donald Richards
Bio: 1947-54
Elaine Robson
Bio: DOB 10-2-31 Evacuated privately from London and came to GCGS from Haslemere CofE with Janet Archer: 1941-45 (Mr Wigfield, St Johns Boys', the faiied V1 doodlebug, gas masks). We returned to our London home, I went from school to study & teach in universities (work & interests in biology & later history of science). Some of the GCGS teachers did a splendid job and enriched our lives. During the War about a quarter of the pupils came by train. Food was rationed: we had school milk and a cooked lunch, shared hot bread and sweet rations on the home train, and grew up strong and healthy. No flu vaccine then (M&B tablets) and it's thanks to computers and Zoom that I attended the last AGM: WOW!
Eleanor Andrews
Bio: At GGS Eleanor met life-long friends and received inspirational teaching. She taught French, Italian and European cinema until her retirement in 2018. She lives with her husband in peaceful, rural Shropshire, where her sons and their partners visit from London. Music, in particular the flute, plays an important part in her life.
Elenor Birkett
Bio: Elenor Henderson, attended 1965-1972. Qualified as a Speech Therapist in 1975, married John in the same year and have 3 children together, now with 10 grandchildren. Worked in both NHS and charitable sector until 2019.
Eric Hill
Fiona Barrie
Bio: Fiona Russell Godalming Grammar 1970-1977. LLB Exeter University 1980. Qualified as solicitor 1984. IP Partner Gouldens London until retiring for family 1997. Married Howard Barrie 1985.
Fiona Kelsey
Bio: GGS 1970 -1977. UEA English degree. Taught in China 4 years. Back in UK in Architectural Conservation and worked in this since 1993. Living in Whitstable Since 2001 with 2 tortoises and 2 cats.
Frances Evans
Bio: Attended Godalming 1963- 1970. Went on to Leeds University to studey Pharmacology. Went into research for a pharmaceutical company for 18 months then after a spell in Germany I did a PGCE course and ended up teaching mainly Biology for 33 years in north London. I now work part time for the Association for Science Eucation as well as ad hoc activities for two exam boards. Married, two daughters and twin grandsons!
Gerald Bixley
Bio: Was a t school in the M stream from 1952 to 1957 and left school after last exam to start work next day
Gerald Bixley
Bio: At school 1952 to1957 . Always in the M stream.
Gill Denyer
Bio: Born in Cow Lane Godalming in 1957, Moss Lane School, Godalming Grammar School and College to 1976, worked in Woolworths, married in St Peter and St Paul Church.
Guy Pomphrey
Bio: Student in Page second to last grammar school year.
Hattie Benning
Bio: insert your data
Hazel Freeston (White)
Bio: Started GGS in 1947. Joint head girl with twin sister Cherry in 1954. Organised Reunions for '47 Entrants in 1997 (50 years) and 2007 (60 years). New OGA committee member.
Hazel wilde
Bio: Born 1926 went to Godalming Grammar in 1938 till 1942 many memories of War years at this school .
Heather Bowmer
Bio: Was Diagnostic Radiologist having worked in UK, Republic of Ireland, New Zealand and Australia. Now living in New Zealand and retired. Married to Clive Holland and I have 1 daughter Sonia Holland who works as a Senior Research Scientist for Diageo.
Heather Gough
Bio: Attended 1967-78 Head Girl 77-78
Helen Haiselden
Helen Milner
Bio: I was at Godalming Grammar School from 1973 - 1980. I was part of the school year that was the last Grammar School cohort. I left after my A Levels to go to Exeter University. I live in Sheffield.
Hilary Corless
Bio: 1969-1974
Ian Pringle
Bio: Attended from 1961-68 Taught at Primary level for 39 years. Retired 10 years ago and thoroughly enjoying life (even during lockdown!).
Ian Waddington
Bio: Attended school 63 to 69. Worked in oceanography at National Institute of Oceanography, Institute of Oceanographic Sciences, National Oceanography Centre, Institute of Arctic Research(Alaska) Travelled Atlantic(north and south), mediterranean, persian gulf, indian ocean,arctic ocean(north pole). Came ashore 2019 retired. Married to Sarah, 3 children,7 grand children. Living on south coast.UK.
James Attewell
Bio: Attended from September 1957 to March 1959 when we left the area.
James Revie
Bio: [email protected] attended 1970-1977
Jane Jopson
Bio: I spent 7 happy years at GGS. I still live in Godalming and have just retired after an enjoyable working life spent in publishing.
Jane Moore
Bio: At Godalming Grammar 1970-75
Janet Betham
Bio: Joined the Grammar School in September 1957 and left in July 1964. Friends with Jill Hoffman, Eleanor Field, Patsy Freeman and Kathleen Chidgey. Maiden name was Janet Thomas. Did English, French and Latin at 'A' Level.
Janet Gould
Janice Lyon
Bio: My name was Janice Leggett while at the school. I was in the last year of the grammar school.
Janice Wonnacott
Bio: Joined 69, 2P left 72
Janie Greenberg
Bio: I attended the school from 1973-1978 as part of the year group who were the final 11 plus intake from Surrey before the school became a 6th form college.
Jayne Thomas
Bio: GGS 1970-1977 (75-77 6th form) Last form 5F. Graduated in Geography at University of Hull then followed a career in tour operations until recently.
Jennifer Milbourn
Bio: At GGS 1970 to 1977 in Fearon, nee Barrett. Still in the area, youngest daughter attended Godalming College 2016 to 2018, intriguing to see both what was new, and how much was the same. Still in regular contact with Catherine Snowdon (P) and Alison Lynas (J), recently reconnected with Jo Shackleton (F) and Fiona Kelsey (J). Sadly, Gayatri died in 2000. Caught up with half a dozen from our year maybe 2014/5, but nothing since. Email [email protected] just in case...
Jennifer Raynor
Bio: Pupil from 1949 to 1957.Teacher Training, St Katherines Liverpool.. Moved into Special Education and appointed Head of Special School in Liverpool. Married, with 1 daughter and 2 grandchildren.
Jennifer Wills
Bio: My maiden name was Dedman and I joined the school in September 1962. I was in Jekyll House. When I left the school I went to Christ Church College, Canterbury for teacher training. My teaching career took me to Sussex, Oxfordshire and eventually to Cornwall where I taught for 25 years before retiring to the Algarve, Portugal in 2003.
Jenny Woodsford
Bio: At Godalming 1969 to 1975.
Bio: GGS 1953 1960
Jill Halliwell
Bio: pupil 1951-56
Joan Hughes
Bio: Maiden name Kempster. Married Peter Hughes, also a Godalming Grammar student at that time (1948 onward), now deceased. I now live in Reno, Nevada, USA.
Joan Palmer nee Charleson
Bio: Pupil from 1949 until 1954. Special interest; singing and acting in school choir and operettas.
john anderson
Bio: Entered Godalming CGS 1959 Left in 1966
John Atkins
Bio: At school from 1967-74; joint Head Boy with Andrew Sharland. BSc Mech Eng at Imperial College followed by VSO in Nigeria for 12 months and then a 30 year career in the cane sugar industry around the world. Now largely retired near Banbury, although still doing some consultancy in South East Asia.
John Bingham
Bio: Transferred via 13+ from Woolmer Hill County Secondary at age 13 in 1959. Left Godalming after three years in sixth form in 1965 to read Electrical Engineering and Electronics at U.M.I.S.T., Manchester.
John Cooper
John Coppack
Bio: Sep 58 to Mar 62Jo
John Moore
Bio: 1971 to 1978
Jonathan Readings
Bio: Attended GCGS from 1962 too 1969. Graduated from the Polytechnic of Central London in 1973. I am living in Guildford near to where I grew up and my son and step son both went to Godalming 6th form College. I am retired after many years managing major civil and petrochemical projects around the world, finishing with a mega IT project in the Defence sector. Married with 3 children of my own and 3 step children, and 8 grandchildren. I spend my time looking after my vintage sports car and playing bowls in Guildford.
Judith Baker
Bio: 1965-1972. Jekyll House. Deputy Head Girl.
Julie Ritchie
Bio: Nee Dobson 1969-1974
Karin Gillett
Bio: I was a pupil at Godalming Grammar School from 1972 until 1979 and I was Karin Bashford then.
Katherine Blakeman (nee Russell)
Bio: Attended GCGS 73- 80 (last 2 years as College). Then read History of Art at UCL, Conservation of Easel Paintings at Cambridge, moved to USA in 1990. Working as Analyst for a Norther Virginia School District.
Kay Clement
Bio: Kay Clement née Knights
Keith & Gillian Enever
Bio: Keith 1956-60 (entered 3rd form at Easter '56 from Bedfordshire) Gillian (nee Enticknap) 1955-62
Keith Young
Ken Bailey
Bio: 1972 to 1979 Started in 1J! .If anyone wants to drop me a line directly [email protected] should find me.
Kenneth Birbeck
Bio: OG 1948-1953 Resides in France (Normandie) since 1959. Retired since 1991. Previously electronics technician, then buyer of electronic products during 20 yrs. Active member of the association of retired ex-employees of Philips France, and of the local branch in Louviers (Eure, Normandy).
Kevin Bartlett
Bio: Attended Godalming Grammar school, 1971 - 76 and then Godalming College 1976 - 78.
Kevin Vallance
Bio: Attended 1968-73, moved away from the area after 5th form. Studied medicine at university. Became a consultant radiologist in the midlands. Now retired and split time between UK and Spain. Enjoy walking, golf and learning the guitar.
Kim Gibbins
Kim Wadham
Bio: insert your data
Kimberley Littlejohn
Bio: insert your data
Lee Foster
Bio: At the school from 70-77, now living near Southampton
Linda Dixon
Linda Stevens
Bio: Resident of Godalming since 1951. First GGS student to obtain Distinction at S Level (Eng Lit). Member of Badminton team 68-69. Retired from Charterhouse School 2016.
Linda Whitcombe
Bio: At the school 1966-1973
Lindsay Lewis (nee Tait)
Bio: 1967-74
Liz Ramsay
Lorna Dolan
Bio: I was in the last year of the grammar school intake. Left the school in 1980. Went to Oxford. After a career as a journalist at the Financial Times, now a teacher.
Louise Vink
Bio: I was at GGS from 1972-4 in the sixth form where I did English, History and French A levels. I was involved in some drama productions, in Debating Society and co-edited the Godhelmian with Rosy Evans.
Lynne Nasti
Malcolm Lawrence
Bio: I was in the very last intake, in "J" with Mrs Abbot as my form teacher. Unlike most I didn't go on to 'A' Levels or Uni but instead joined the Civil Service in 1978 and worked in a variety of Departments, ending up specialising in all things commercial. I left the Crown Commercial Service (part of the Cabinet Office) after 38 years service in 2016 to become a carer for my elderly mother. I still live locally and once in a while I wander up Shackstead Lane or Holloway Hill and past the school to stir up a few memories!
Margaret Langford-Wood
Margaret Weeks nee Beasley
Bio: Attended GGS from 1955 until 1960. Have lived in Godalming for most of my life. Last attended a reunion in 1988
Marian Muskett
Bio: I was in the last intake to the Grammar School in Sept 1973 and therefore saw the transition to Sixth Form College. Following a degree in modern languages at the University of Southampton, I trained as a Careers Adviser. In 2001 I returned to Godalming College as a member of staff, where I still work in the Careers Dept. [email protected]
Marilyn Schlunke
Bio: insert your data
Mark Smith
Bio: Pupil from 1966 to 1973
Marta Riddle
Bio: Lives in Farncombe. Went to Godalming Grammar School 1965-1972, then to Hull University. Degree in Theology. Taught in Hull for 2 years then in Cranleigh. Now retired.
Martin Burrell
Martin Lubikowski
Bio: At GGS 1970-1972 for the 6th form. Came from Broadwater CSS
Martin Sandford
Martin Sauze
Martyn Roome
Bio: At GGS 1964 to 1971. School Chess Captain, ran in the Cross Country team sometimes!
Mary Locke (nee Bookham)
Bio: Godalming Grammar, then College 1971-1978
Mary McArthur (nee Chambers)
Bio: I spent very enjoyable schooldays at Godalming Grammar School from February 1963 (when my family moved to Witley) and June 1969. I have just become re-acquainted with my best friend from those days, Debbie Domun (nee Needham), and she made me aware of the OGA. If the planned reunion goes ahead in October 2021, we hope to attend together. If you require any further details from me, I will be happy to supply.
Mary Pugh
Mary Pugh
Bio: GGS was a big change from a very small primary school. I enjoyed my years there and the opportunity for all the team sports. After 3 language A levels and following a combined business studies/languages course I surprisingly followed a career in IT. Recently retired, enjoying family time, and being involved in the OGA and local Ramblers group.
Mick Freed
Bio: I attended GGS from 1966-1973.Then to Queen Elizabeth College, University of London. Worked in IT and latterly as a Postman. Now enjoying retirement with two wonderful grandchildren. My weekly radio show is on Wythenshawe FM Friday 2pm.
Mike French
Neil Dixon
Bio: attended as part of the last intake 74-79
Neil Sadler
Bio: 1970-1973
Neville Crabbe
Bio: GGS pupil from 1965-1972, Page house. Currently residing in Northampton, Massachusetts 01060 USA
Nick Freeman
Bio: Student at GGS from '67-74. Attended Portsmouth Poly '74-'77 graduating with a IIi. Career in Town Planning - 20 years in Local Govt and 20 years as a Govt Planning Inspector. Retired now
Nicola Clare Halliday
Nicola Gidlow
Bio: I was at the school from 1969 to 1975 and met my husband Richard Gidlow there. My maiden name was Pagdin and I have a sister Judith who was in the year behind me. Richard and I still live in Godalming and I retired a few years ago from being a buyer at John Lewis. My sister retired also from her job as a GP in Basingstoke.
Nicola Taylor
Bio: Nicola Taylor (GGS 1966-73) aka Nicola Ross, daughter of Francis Ross (History Dept) and sister of Susan Ross (GGS 1960-67) Then off to University of Sussex to study Logic with Maths (yes, Logic!) Teaching this and that, here and there, in UK, Peru, Mexico and Spain Currently teaching Arts and Humanities students how to develop their craft as academic writers at University of Birmingham
Nigel Enever
Bio: 1958-63. Under 15 and 2nd XI cricket.
Oliver Hyams
Bio: I was a pupil at the school from 1970 to 1977. I went to St Andrews University, transferred after a year to Nottingham University to be with my then girlfriend (now my wife), and then dropped out. After a few years in the educational wilderness (but learning from the University of Life!), including 2 years as a management trainee, I returned to studying, and got a law degree. I then became a barrister, got a tenancy in London, gave it up and went in-house with a local authority, then worked for a large firm of solicitors and then got another tenancy in London. I practised for over 21 years as a barrister before becoming a salaried Employment Judge in 2019. I have 2 daughters, aged 25 and 28. As I put on my Friends Reunited website entry when it was in existence: still happily married to my first wife!
pat oxborough
Bio: Trained as a nurse, ward sister at the Royal Surrey County Hospital. Married 1970 Brian Oxborough (?46-51)chartered surveyor in Guildford, had 1 son, now 4 grandchildren. live in Godalming - walking distance of Grammar School!
Paul Sharratt
Bio: Last intake at Godalming Grammar. Cambridge, Manchester and now Singapore.
Peta thompson
Bio: Nee Webb. Attended GGS 1968 - 1973. Jekyll
Peter Branch
Peter Fearnley-Whittingstall
Peter Hudgell
Bio: At school 1957 to 1963. Now living in Devon
Peter Mitchell
Bio: At the school 1965-72. In Page. Lived in Haslemere, attended Shottermill Primary. Now living in North London.
Peter Thomas
Bio: I attended the school between 1957 and 1960. At that time I lived in Quartermile road, Godalming. Now living in North London. I remember Graham Stephens, Tony King, Christina Rich, Mrs. Burns (who inspired my love of the English language, even though it may not have been apparent to her at the time), Mr. Jones, who tried to teach me maths, and Vic May (chemistry). There were many others who made my time at the school so enjoyable. At the time, I didn't realise how lucky I was to be getting such a good education in so many ways - a big thank you to all of the teachers who tried so hard to make something of me..
Philip Dawson
Bio: Attended Godalming Grammar School Academic year 1964 and 1965 Surrey county scholarship to Charterhouse Joined British army 2lt in Royal Corps of Transport Served in British Army on the Rhine in 1972 Went to Kings College Hospital medical School Married Maggie Voyce General medical practitioner and partner in Dolphins Practice Haywards Heath 1981 till 2013 Now retired
Rhonda Wilson
Bio: Rhonda Keen, attended 1970-7
Richard Hanson
Bio: Godalming Grammar School 1973-80
Richard Herkes
Bio: Pupil at the school from 1965 to 1972. Went on to study Philosophy at the University of Kent at Canterbury. Held various editorial and leadership roles at Lutterworth Press and Kingsway Publications, publishing Christian books for educational and church markets. Ordained a priest (presbyter) in the Church of England in 2003. Lives in Sussex.
Richard Hindle
Richard Hindle
Richard Knight
Bio: Joined GGS in 1969, left after A levels in 1976. Married Carol Scard, who joined in the Sixth Form when we became a college. Am now a semi-retired Finance Director, and (almost) full-time drummer !
Richard Parish
Bio: Student at Godalming from 1963-1970. Married to Jo with two children, Michael and Jemma. Four grandchildren. After leaving school I studied at Durham, London, Huddersfield and Brunel. Career as a public health specialist and also Chief Executive in the NHS and charity sector alongside academic roles, including Dean at York and Sheffield Hallam. Consultant to the UN and WHO on numerous occasions. Now Emeritus Professor at the University of Chester and Executive Chair, National Centre for Rural Health and Care. Also Chair, UK Four Nations Committee on Public Health. Living in Yorkshire.
Richard Pietrowski
Richard Powell
Bio: 1963-70
Richard Taunton
Bio: Joined 1963 Left 1967 or 68...?
Richard Womack
Rob Aitken
Bio: Godalming Grammer School last intake (1973-80), Studied Social Anthropology. PhD on Mexico from Leiden in the Netherlands. Taught Politics at University of York since 1999.
Robert Allfrey
Robert Browning
Bio: I only attended GGS for 1 year (5th form 1963-64) when my parents moved us from Westcliff-on-Sea to Hindhead. I doubt if any of my peers at GGS (teachers or pupils) will remember me as my only ambition during my 5th year was to leave school and get a job. After drifting around various clerical jobs in London and Woking I was hired by Burmah Oil Co. in their Corporate Planning Dept. where my boss was Denis Thatcher, the future Prime Minister's husband. In 1973 I joined the London office of Brown & Root (now called KBR), a major US engineering and construction contractor for whom I worked for 29 years in UK, France, Norway, Egypt and Netherlands but eventually basing myself in Norway. From 2002 thru to 2017 (when I retired) I worked as a commercial consultant for various engineering and construction companies mainly in Stavanger, Norway but with assignments in France (1 year) and Australia (2 years). Now that I'm retired I potter about between Norway and Spain where I have an apartment. I am married to a Norwegian lady and have 3 sons who consider themselves Norwegians with an English dad.
Robert Davy
Bio: Attended school 1955-1960. Career local government followed by various Directorships. Two children, three grandchildren. Living in Chichester
Robin Hall
Bio: Pupil 1961 - 1968 Left and joined BBC as a Technical Assistant. Left BBC in 2000. Worked as Warehouse Manager in Hobbycraft Superstore until 2013. Now retired.
Robin West
Bio: Went to Godalming Grammar School 1956 to 1961 or early 1962. Worked at Southampton General Hospital and Rashid Hospital Dubai as a Biomedical Scientist. Retired 2005.
Roger Grigson
Bio: Attended the school 1951-58
Roñ Mayers
Rupert Berrow
Bio: Attended 1973-1979
Ruth Nixon
Bio: At Godalming Grammar School from 1968-1975. I now teach History at Godalming College returning there in 2006.
Sallyandnigel Edgington
Bio: Attended Godalming Grammar 1961 - 1968
Sarah Adamson
Sarah Lockett
Bio: TV News Journalist. After GodColl went to Bristol University to study Russian & French. Career in BBC, Sky News, ITN, Channel 4 News, Reuters etc. Now present interviews, host/moderate events/panel discussions/webinars, do voiceovers, run media training etc
Sheelagh Brown
Bio: 1959 to 1963
Sheila Urquhart
Bio: I attended Godalmimg Grammar school from Sept. 1966 until Sept/Oct 1970. I left as my Dad was in Surrey Police and was promoted and moved to Godstone Traffic centre, so we had to move. I loved my time at GGS and hated having to leave and then go to a very strict girl's school!. I now live in St.Ives Cambs. I am still working as an Optometrist in Huntingdon. I have been married since 1977 and have 4 children and 5 grandchildren.
Sheila Warman
Shirley Coleman
Simon Vine
Bio: Living the life of leisure in Richmond. Married with two kids, happy memories of the old days at Godalming and still in touch with some old buddies.
Stephen Dale
Bio: Godalming 66-73
Steve Addison
Stuart Jefcoate
Bio: Attended GGS from 1964 through to A levels in 1971 - happy days!
Sue Bowers
Bio: Student 1972 to 1977 Grammar school only left after O levels
Susan Barker
Bio: I was at GGS from 1964-1971 Trained as a teacher at St Matthias College, Bristol. Spent my teaching career in Bedford. Married in 1977, have 2 daughters & 2 grandsons.
Susan Coombes
Susan HIndle
Bio: Was at GGS 65 to 72, did a law degree at Newcastle upon Tyne, and practised as a litigation solicitor. Was married, have 3 children and now grandchildren . Teach meditation for an international organisation worldwide since retiring from law. Lead a charity.
Susan Hoade
Susan Renshaw
Susan Walker
Bio: Attended 1961-66. Left when I moved to Cardiff, where I took A' Levels at Whitchurch Grammar. Worked as an academic librarian. Now live in Dorset.
Susan Zirps
Sylvia Richards
Tim Christmas
Bio: Yes, I studied at the school from 1972 to 1979 and remember travelling by train and walking up and down Holloway Hill each day! The students and staff were amazing. Teachers included Mr Rollisson, Dr Bloss, Mr Hibbert, Mr Williams, Mr Planterose, Mrs Bailey, Mr Lee, Mr Bettison, Mr Watkins, Mr Whiting. Mr Dewar, the Head, used to read us stories in the occasional Geography lessons that he took! I joined the chess club run by Mr Harby and Mr Merit, and later the chess team, with Mr May taking us to away matches in the school minibus. One year we won the local chess league! The numerous school plays and musicals were very entertaining too! Emails please to [email protected]
Wendy Smith
Bio: Student at Godalming Grammar School 1963 to 1970. Read Classics at university and taught Classics throughout my subsequent career.

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